A good friend of mine once told me there are three professionals in your life that will make life altering recommendations for you, your attorney, your doctor and your insurance agent. I have found that to be true in every aspect.

I chose to become an Insurance Consultant, well one because I am squeamish, so a doctor wouldn’t work, and I don’t like to argue, so the attorney was out. But I do like to help people and advising people on the best options to protect the things they love, perfect!

 I spent 25 years in the service industry as a retail store manager, listening to customers needs and providing them with exceptional customer service. But you know making sure someone got the right toaster, or the TV they were looking for just wasn’t enough, I wanted to something that had more meaning, more value. So I started studying for my insurance license in the evenings while I worked as a manager during the day.

I quickly learned that the importance of insurance is misunderstood and under communicated. I acquired my Property and Casualty License (Home, Auto and Specialty) . This was good, I was able to start consulting customers on how to protect themselves from financial ruin in the event of an accident on their Home, Auto Boat, RV etc., But it wasn’t enough, so I went back and studied again and received my Life and Health license. So now I was fully licensed and ready to offer my services to help customers protect the things they love.

I am very passionate about insurance, I have seen many things, and use that knowledge to stop people from repeating the same mistakes. My goal is to inform and overcommunicate  the process of insurance, an informed customer is a happy customer.

Family Always First

When it comes to myself, I know I have said it before. I am a family man, they are the most important people in my world. I believe that protecting and taking care of my family is always the most important thing! So from my family to yours! Welcome here and I hope you find all the information you need.